Frequently Asked Questions


How much is a custom {logo, invitation, design}?
No two projects are identical. We price per project, allowing us the flexibility to meet your wishes and deliver exactly what you need. After an in-depth conversation (in-person or phone) to discuss your project, we will prepare and send a professional proposal before any design work begins. The initial consultation is always complimentary (and usually quite fun! colors, paper & design, oh my).

Once you approve our proposal, we require a 50% deposit to begin design work, as well as any copy or reference images needed from you. From there, we're off! We'll work together to create a design perfect for your big day, brand, event or home. A final invoice will be sent and the balance is due prior to delivering or shipping your final printed pieces or digital files. 

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How long does it take to get a custom {logo, invitation, design}?
Because each project is unique, this is a hard one to answer! Typically, we recommend reserving about one to two months of design time per project. If you are adding in printed/hand produced pieces, tack on another 1-2 weeks for digital printing and 4-6 weeks for fine printing & finishing.

When do I need to mail my save the dates & invitations?
Typically, save the dates are mailed 6-12 months before your big day. If most of your guests are local, 6 months is perfectly fine. If you are hosting a destination wedding or a lot of guests are from out of town, then I suggest mailing around 8-12 months.  

Invitations are mailed 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding. Again, if you have a local wedding and are not doing RSVP cards, then 6 weeks should be about right. If you have out of town guests and/or are doing RSVP cards, we suggest mailing 8 weeks before your big day. This will give you time to track down any un-sent RSVP cards if needed! 

When should I get in touch with you about custom designing my wedding paper?
Below is an example "ideal" timeline -- but don't let these numbers scare you! We work with bride & grooms with all sorts of timelines (shortened + extended included). 
March 31st | Book an appointment 
April 15th | Kick off Save the Date design {1.5 months for design + printing}
June 31st | Mail Save the Dates {6 months prior to wedding}
August 31st | Kick off Invite design {2 months for design + printing}
October 31st | Mail wedding invitations {2 months prior to wedding}
November 1st | Kick off Day-of Paper design {2 months for design + printing}
December 31st | Wedding Day!


Ah etiquette... One of the most asked about topics when it comes to wedding planning. It's confusing! We hear ya. Our rule of thumb is tradition rules -- and rules are meant to be broken. We provide every client with etiquette guidance, from invitation wording to envelope addressing. We'll make sure you know what the rules are and then give you options for a modern approach if desired. Below is a list of some of our favorite "tried & true" etiquette guides. 

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording
Informal Wedding Invitation Wording
Dos and Donts for Wedding Invitations
Envelope Addressing

Crane's Blue Book
Emily Post
A Modern Guide to Thank You Notes


I found a design that I love online - can you reproduce or print it for me?
Unfortunately, the answer to this is no -- for a lot of reasons. One, if it's something you've found online, the design is likely subject to copyright restrictions. We respect the creativity & time of our fellow designer(s). If you've seen something you love out there, we recommend getting in touch with that designer to have them produce your custom design. No one will be able to do it like they do it!

If you have an existing design that you've already paid for (i.e. you need more business cards), please note that at this time, we are only able to print/produce projects that we have also designed. 

That said - we are always up for collaborations! If you are a designer or a client with something special in mind, please reach out. We love working with other artists, designers, calligraphers, photographers, you name it to create something one of a kind. 


What is the difference between flat printing and fine printing?
Flat printing, also known as digital printing, is exactly that. We use high-quality digital printers to print custom invitations, business cards, brochures, etc on fine, eggshell card stock. Think the printer you have in your office or home, except a million times higher quality. Flat printing is typically budget friendly & speedy.

Fine printing encompasses a whole wide world of printing. A few of our favorites include letterpress, foil stamping and engraving. Cards are printed one at a time, using a metal or plastic plate to apply to ink or metallic foil to a card. The result? Beautiful, raised or impressed type or artwork on fine, cotton paper. We offer these services and more. Fine printing is usually pricier due to the custom & time-consuming nature of the printing processes.


What printing services do you offer?
Literally ALL of them! We partner with the best in the biz to bring our clients high quality printing & finishing methods, including but not limited to:
Digital printing
Letterpress printing
Foil stamping
Die Cutting & Converting
Edge Painting, Deckling & Beveling
Envelope Addressing
Screen printing
Duplexing + Mounting
Envelope Lining

Got something different in mind? We love a challenge!! Drop us a line and let's make it happen. 


What papers do you offer? 
Literally ALL of them! While we have tried & true favorites that we use the most often (Crane Lettra + Mohawk Digital Papers), nothing gets us more excited than sourcing the perfect paper for a custom project. From embossed wood grain to a rich, luxe navy to a shimmery iridescent, we've got it all.